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Dear cycling fan

Buzzing wheels on the asphalt, the sigh of the rushing peloton, the missed drinking bus, the successful flight, under the banner both arms in the air, the luck of the winner ... That’s what makes race so beautiful, isn’t it? And the hope for new opportunities and new success, tomorrow or next week ..?

For years now, as organizers of the Lotto Cycling Cup, with the help of Belgian Cycling and our sympathetic sponsors, we have been trying to raise the cycling of our Belgian girls to a higher level. We are looking for solutions to attract young cyclists to this beautiful sport to bring the women to the top in the race, just like our Belgian men. Don’t  they drink the same water? Don’t they eat the same bread? Well then ..?!

Why is it so difficult for us to deliver female versions of a Greg, Philippe or Remco? We continue to believe in it, we continue to do our very best for it. After all, we can’t miss the boat of the further internationalization of women's cycling ..! From 2020, the professionalization in this branch of cycling will continue under pressure from the UCI. More than rightly so! After all, our female athletes do at least as much as their male colleagues, so ..! Equal pay for equal work, also in this.

Are you looking for where and when you can come to encourage our girls in our series of competitions? Are you looking for signposts or participant lists? Are you curious about pictures or films from your riders? Or the result of that last course? You can find all this on our website.

Thank you to each and everyone who supports us in our story! We hope that our joint efforts will pay off in the long term and that we will be able to enjoy success, with pride.

See you at the race!

The board

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